Don't just take our word for it - have a look at what some of Niamh's previous customers had to say about her private bra fitting service!

"Bras were never a top priority for me and I mostly stuck with sports bras which came in uncomplicated sizes like small, medium and large. Niamh recognised that I was clueless and kindly offered her services. Having never been fitted by a professional before, and knowing that Niamh has a talent for making people feel at ease, I accepted.
She gave me a bra to try which was far from the size I usually opt for when buying non-sports bras. I assumed it would be miles too big, but I gave it a shot anyway while Niamh explained how bra sizes work. Not only did the bra fit perfectly, but I also left feeling well-equipped with the information I needed to choose the correct bras in future. You can tell that Niamh is passionate about her work and  genuinely cares about the people she helps, so I'd have no problem recommending her services!" - Avril, Ireland


" I had the pleasure of learning about and working with Niamh this summer. I was astounded by and thankful for her sensitivity to my needs and frustrations as someone who had been consistently mis-sized and, consequently, purchased a series of ill-fitting and damaging bras. Niamh is an absolute gem and made herself available to me virtually across a variety of platforms. Accessibility for me is crucial; having someone willing (and enthusiastic about) to listen to my concerns means the world, as I'm particularly self-conscious about my breasts. No in-person bra fitter has ever treated me with the courtesy that Niamh has. Knowing more about bra fitting than sticking you to a size, she's truly keen to help, and I firmly support her endeavors in doing so." - Gerpha, USA


"You made me look at bra fit in a different way and made me care about my underwear more even though I'm a small chested babe." - Sarah, USA


"I'm a really similar bra size to you and my bras fit similarly to yours in that they're firm around the ribs. And often I get told they're too tight and I don't know my own size and it's really frustrating. Seeing you daily being so confident (and LGBT which I identify with as well) and having your bras fit a certain way has made me more confident in wearing mine the right way and being more comfortable with that." - Zena, Canada